Foie Gras

Foie Gras

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Foie Gras Mi-cuit (Pasteurised) from ducks fattened with figs and corn

With a paler, slightly pink colour you will appreciate the richness and subtlity of the flavours with a reminiscent of goose foie gras.

Ingrediants: Whole duck foie gras fattened with figs and corn, salt and pepper.

  • no OGM gluten free
  • 2 personnes
  • 3 ans
  • 6 mois
  • 1 personne

For 2 people.
Keep refrigerated.

This foie gras mi-cuit (pasteurised) is produced from ducks we have been fattened with figs and corn, in the same tradition as the Romans and before them the Greeks and Egyptians.

The resulting foie gras is unique....paler and slightly pink in colour, rich and more subtle in flavour ..reminiscent of a goose foie gras.

Serve with a traditional bread lightly toasted.


Ingridiants: Whole duck foie gras (fattened with figs and corn), salt and pepper.