Foie Gras Entier Mi-cuit en Lobe 200g

Foie Gras Entier Mi-cuit en Lobe 200g

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(€18.75 pour 100g)

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Lobe of mi-cuit or pasteurised foie gras entier

Cooked at a low temperature, it needs to be refrigerated.

Ready to serve the flavour is close to fresh foie gras with a rich, smooth, melting texture.

Presented as a lobe the foie gras is easier to slice and serve.

Ingrediants: Whole duck foie gras entier, salt, pepper

  • no OGM gluten free
  • 5 parts
  • 3 ans
  • 2 mois
  • 1 personne

For 4 people

Keep refrigerated

Serve chilled but not cold on a bed of lettuce with lightly toasted bread, accompanied by onion confit or fig jam.

Ingrediants: Whole duck foie gras, salt, pepper 


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