Foie Gras Entier Traditionnel 600 g

Foie Gras Entier Traditionnel 600 g

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Traditional Foie Gras Entier

" Le familial : pour retrouver le bonheur d'être ensemble"

We choose our best "foies", Yves prepares them and Geneviève carefully seasons with salt and pepper.....and thats it!!

This foie gras is prepared in the traditional way, preserved to keep for years....and like a good wine it improves with age....if you can resist to temptation!!

Ingrédients : Whole duck foie gras, salt and pepper. 

  • no OGM gluten free
  • 12 parts
  • À température ambiante
  • 4 ans
  • 1 personne

For 12 people

Traditional conserve 3 years

Serving suggestions:

Refrigerate 3 hours before serving

Ideally served chilled but not cold, on a bed of lettuce accompanied with lightly toasted traditional bread.

Ingrediants: Whole duck foie gras, salt, pepper.


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