Gésiers confits entiers 380g

Gésiers confits entiers 380g

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Gésiers confits entiers 380g

Confit duck gizzards

Four whole gizzards cooked slowly in duck fat which in addition to  the traditional fattening of whole grains of corn produces an incomparable tenderness.

Ingredients: Duck gizzard 50%, duck fat, salt and pepper

  • no OGM gluten free
  • 4 parts
  • À température ambiante
  • 4 ans

Serves 4

Conserve traditionnelle 3 ans.

Gizzards (gesiers) cooked in duck fat (confit) are the perfect companions to dry cured duck breast (magret seché) for a perfect salad. 

Preparation : place the jar of gesiers in a pan of hot water, a bain marie, to melt the fat. Remove the sliced gesiers and fry for a few minutes to remove the remaining fat, sprinkle over a green salad.

For a Salade Gasconne add grattons de canard, dry cured duck breast  (magret seché)  a handful of walnuts..and of course a slice of foie gras!