Confit de Canard 2 cuisses

Confit de Canard 2 cuisses

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Confit duck legs 730g

The seasoned duck legs are placed in a large kettle, on a very low heat, where the fat melts and the meat slowly cooks. 

It is this method that gives the fabulous flavour!

The legs are then covered with the duck fat which both preserves and keeps them tender.

Ingredients : 2 duck legs (365g minimum), duck fat, salt and pepper.

  • no OGM gluten free
  • 2 personnes
  • À température ambiante
  • 3 ans

Serves 2 people

Preparation: Open the jar and place in a pan half full of water over a low heat (bain-marie) to melt the fat. remove the legs and either fry or place in a hot oven until golden.

Perfect with potatoes, green beans and cepes (wild mushrooms)


Ingredients :2 duck legs (50% minimum), duck fat, salt, pepper